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6 Star Energy Rating

6 Star Energy Rating

Our 6 Star Energy Rating and assessment service is straight forward and competitively priced. Upon providing us with your building plans, our expert energy rating consultant will conduct a thermal performance assessment on the house using the latest FirstRate5 software. If the house does not initially achieve a 6 Star Energy Rating, then we will offer a few cost effective options that will bring it up to the required level. We are located in Melbourne, but are equipped to assess houses all over Australia.

Our 6 Star Energy Rating Service Includes

Comprehensive Energy Rating Assessment
Advice & Recommendations
Detailed Energy Rating Report
BCA Lighting Calculations
Certification of plans
Fast Turnaround (2-3 days)

What is a 6 Star Energy Rating?

A 6 Star Energy Rating is a score which reflects a home's ability to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature, with minimal help from heaters or air-conditioners. Although any score of between 0 and 10 stars is possible, most states in Australia now require new homes to have a minimum 6 Star Energy Rating. Specialised software called FirstRate5 is used to assess a house design, and considers things such as the materials of walls, roofs and floors, as well as glazing, insulation, and the size, climate zone and orientation of the building. Only a trained and accredited assessor can certify a home with a 6 Star Energy Rating.

Why Choose Us?

Green Rate is an experienced building energy consultancy. We provide our services to many leading architects, developers and builders right across Australia. We are accredited by HERA and trained and certified to use the latest FirstRate5 6 Star Energy Rating software.

What's Required

• Site plan
• Floor plan/s
• Elevations
• Sections
• Window sizes or Window Schedule
Note: PDF is the preferred format

We Provide 6 Star Energy Ratings for:

• New homes
• Multi-unit developments
• Additions & Alterations

Deemed-to-Satisfy (DTS)

We offer DTS assessments for small extensions and alterations which will benefit from this more simplified form of energy compliance. Not all designs are appropriate for DTS so we encourage you to email us your building plans for advice.