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BCA Section J Report

A BCA Section J Report is required by local councils and building authorities when applying for a building permit or Construction Certificate (CC). The BCA Section J Report is a document which shows how the proposed building complies with the relevant Energy Efficiency requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

All non-residential buildings, including an office, retail, warehouse, factory, laboratory, public, healthcare, aged care, church, school, and carpark will require a BCA Section J Report. There are also certain types of residential buildings which this applies to, including an apartment block (Class 2), boarding house or hostel (Class 3) and a dwelling located in a non-residential building such as a caretaker apartment (Class 4).

Generally any building works which require a building permit will need a BCA Section J Report in order to obtain approval. This includes the construction of new buildings, as well as most additions and alterations to existing buildings.

A suitably qualified and experienced energy efficiency consultant must be engaged to prepare a BCA Section J Report. There is no standardised or agreed upon format for which this report must conform to, therefore it is down to the experience and expertise of the consultant to produce a document to the satisfaction of the building authority. Over many years we have developed and refined our report structure and layout, which is widely received as being technically accurate and easy to follow. Our BCA Section J Reports have one of the highest approval rates with local councils all over Australia.

Upon completion you will be provided with a PDF copy of the BCA Section J Report clearly summarising any compliance requirements, ready for submission to the local building authority.

For more information on the process see the BCA Section J Assessment page.

BCA Section J Report includes:

• Part J0 Energy Efficiency

• Part J1 Building Fabric

• Part J2 Glazing

• Part J3 Building Sealing

• Part J5 Air-conditioning and Ventilation Systems

• Part J6 Artificial Lighting and Power

• Part J7 Hot water supply and swimming pool and spa pool plant

• Part J8 Access for Maintenance and Facilities for Monitoring

BCA Building Class

Class 2, 3 & 4 (residential)
Class 5 - 9 (commercial)