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SDA & ESD Report

Many councils in Victoria now require an SDA or ESD report, or Sustainable Management Plan for new developments, prior to granting a planning permit. There are two different types of ESD reports commonly required, depending on the size of the development:

• Sustainable Design Assessment (SDA) - small
• Sustainable Management Plan (SMP) - large

Note, some councils also refer to these reports as a Sustainable Design Statement or ESD Management Plan.

SDA / ESD Report

Our ESD reports are prepared using the widely accepted Sustainable Design Assessment in the Planning Process (SDAPP) framework. Every ESD report addresses the 10 key sustainability criteria, and includes a Sustainable Tools for Environmental Performance Strategy (STEPS) assessment and a Melbourne Water STORM assessment. In the case of large developments, a Sustainable Management Plan will cover these areas in far greater detail inline with council expectations.

Service Includes

• Design Response to 10 Key Sustainability Criteria
• STEPS Assessment
• STORM Assessment
• Recommendations & Advice
• ESD Report

What's Required

• Plans in PDF (site plan, floor plan/s, elevations)
• Summary of sustainable initiatives (if available) e.g. water tanks, solar, bicycle racks, efficient lighting/appliances, grey/black water, 6+ star rating per unit etc.


Small-Medium Development: 2-3 days
Large Development: 3-5 days

Development Size

To determine which type of ESD report is required, councils generally classify a ‘small’ or ‘medium’ size development as 2 to 9 residential dwellings, or a commercial building with a floor area of 100m2 to 1000m2. Developments exceeding these limits are generally classified as ‘large’.

10 Key Sustainability Criteria

• Indoor Environment Quality
• Energy
• Water Resources
• Stormwater Treatment
• Building Materials
• Transport
• Waste Management
• Urban Ecology
• Innovation/ESD Excellence
• Ongoing Building & Site Management